How to play:

Keyboard and mouse:

  • Left and Right arrows move the character left and right
  • Up and Down arrows move the character up and down on walls
  • Space, Z, or Up to jump
  • Hold X to charge your dash
    • Aim with arrow keys
    • Let go to dash

With a controller:

  • Left stick moves the character/aims dash
  • B to charge dash
    • Circle on Playstation controllers
    • Let go to dash
  • A to jump
    • X on Playstation controllers

All assets were hand created by Rachel and I. 

Original soundtrack by Jackson!

The browser version should work fine (maybe not on Safari, sorry), although the Windows version runs better and will usually be a little more up to date. To play the windows version, extract the .zip file and run the .exe file.

Get ready to run! I recently started development on this game, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Very nice! the art style is cool and and gameplay is pretty fun, I didn't hear any music nor SFX, not sure why. I liked the dash mechanics, but I think it should be more resopnsive, sometimes it didn't work when I pressed the shift button, and it only works with LShift, it didn't feel comfortable for me, maybe add support to RShift to do the same effect., good work, keep it up!


Thanks for playing! I'll definitely keep experimenting with the dash mechanic. There is a cooldown but I think it needs to be more obvious.. not sure why the sounds wasn't working, what browser do you use?

I think I used chrome, but now I checked again on firefox on ubuntu and still no sound.

Thanks so much for checking! I'll look into it! 

If you guys run into the bug where you die and nothing happens, refresh the page.. I'm working on it now!